Heather talks business on Collage Creative

Ewe Ewe Yarns founder Heather Walpole talks about how she started her business on the Collage Creative Podcast with Amy Small.

Ewe Ewe Yarns founder Heather Walpole talks about how she started her business on the Collage Creative Podcast with Amy Small.

I'm so excited to be on the Collage Creative podcast with Amy Small. Each week Amy interviews a small business owner that is living life on their own terms and trying to create a life we love through a business we've each created on our own. In my episode we talk about how I started Ewe Ewe Yarns, some mistakes I've made along the way, and how I've grown the business from an idea to having three types of yarn and hundreds of patterns. It's a fun conversation!

Heather Walpole and Amy Small

Heather Walpole and Amy Small

Amy and I met in 2010 at a TNNA trade show. It was her first show and she was still living in Hong Kong. I was fascinated by her yarns and the fact that she had just started her own yarn company! I was working as a freelance graphic designer and dabbling in knitting pattern design and after I met Amy that all changed. I started thinking about starting something new. I started thinking about my own yarn line and how I could do things differently than the old guard. One day let into another and things kept pointing towards it and as it turned out I opened Ewe Ewe Yarns BECAUSE of Amy!

Because I saw a fearless woman my age starting her own business.

Because I realized I didn't need to know everything about an industry to get started.

Because I wanted to own my own business and build the life that I wanted.

Now here I am, 6 years later. I started a business. I've written a book. I work at it every day. Those yarns that were just an idea are now in hundreds of yarn stores and thousands of knitters hands. It is exciting and it makes me realize that we are all just here trying to live our lives in the best way we can. I hope that if you are a Ewe Ewe knitter that my grain of an idea has brought you some level of happiness.

If you're a small business owner (or a solo entrepreneur like me!) you'll love Collage Creative. Listen on knitcollage.com or listen on iTunes >

Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird {Updated!}

I'll be on the Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird! Thursday, June 18th is my day and I'll be chatting with Marly for the entire one hour live podcast. We'll be talking about all of the great designs in my new book, Scarves in the Round, Ewe Ewe Yarns and generally all things knitting.

The Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird is one of the longest-running knitting podcasts on the air. Each week, Marly sits down with some of the top-designers in the knitting industry and talks about new projects and what's going on out there in the world of yarn. There's shows with Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, Nicky Epstein, Amy Herzog and lots more. I am so excited to have been asked to come on the show. And, Marly has such a great laugh, I'm just looking forward to chatting with her!

Marly Bird and Heather Walpole

The Yarn Thing podcast airs LIVE at 10 am MST and you can call in during the show! Whoh. How fun is that? Call, ask me a question! (347) 539-5589. 

Plus, there's a giveaway! Tune in to find out what we'll be giving away and how to enter.

I had originally posted that the air date would be Thursday, June 11, 2015 but due to a scheduling conflict we have moved the show to Thursday, June 18. Subscribe below!

Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird
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