Start wrapping up your hats!

Two Cottage Caps knit by Robyn

Two Cottage Caps knit by Robyn

I can't believe it but our Charity Hat-Along is in its final weeks. I've been amazed by the support of the knitting community! Women have come up to me at my LYS to say they've made a few hats. My mom called and says she has some on the needles. One woman even handed me a big bag of hats with scarves to match. Unbelievable! Thank you!

Now it's time to start sending those finished Cottage Caps and Shanti Hats to Robyn. We have a goal of collecting 2,000 hats by June 30 and I really hope we meet it. Remember that there's a giveaway, too! Tag each hat you mail in with your name and email address. You'll be entered one time for each hat and we're giving away five prize packs! There's a handy printable page of tags here.

A huge delivery of Charity Hat-Along hats!

A huge delivery of Charity Hat-Along hats!

So now's the time to cast off those hats and mail them to us. We appreciate any hats you can send us and thank you for support you've given!

Send completed hats (with tags!) to:

Robyn Devine
Charity Hat-Along
PO Box 6093
Omaha, NE 68106

Summer + Beach Knitting = Perfection


Yay! Beach time is the perfect time to knit. Some knitters tend to shy away from their knitting during the warmer months but not me. I think summer is the perfect time to knit and crochet those smaller, simpler projects like hats and accessories. Bright colors are always a must this time of year, too. It's a good thing we have plenty of colorful yarns!

So, join me. Grab some Wooly Worsted, put your Shanti Hat in a project bag and stick it right in your beach bag! Grab your beach chair and head to the sand. Your hands can stay busy while your body soaks in the warmth. 

What's in your beach bag?

Free Crochet Pattern: Shanti Hat

Meet the Shanti Hat! Isn't it cute? It's a free pattern just for our Charity Hat-Along and it's a great basic crochet hat pattern. Add stripes, try a pompom, pick your favorite colors!  The more the merrier, right? We are in our second month of the Charity Hat-Along and it's going really well. We have collected a few hundred hats but we still need more! Robyn and I have set a goal of 2,000 hats for children in need and we would LOVE to see that happen! The Shanti Hat is our free crochet hat pattern designed by Robyn just for the charity drive. It's a great hat that fits well and comes in four sizes! 

For this charity drive we are requesting hats for children. We're donating them to Completely Kids and their focus is children living at or below the poverty line. These hats can help keep them warm when maybe their families can't afford new clothes every winter. That means bigger hats are better! Focus on making the medium and large size hats because they're stretchy and will be able to fit a growing kid for years to come. 

Don't forget to download tags and label each hat for a chance to win the Charity Hat-Along giveaway! More details on that here. Send your completed hats by June 30, 2014 to:

Robyn Devine
Charity Hat-Along
PO Box 6093
Omaha, NE 68106

Now, let's make some hats! 

Shanti Hat Free Hat Knitting Pattern

Here's the specs:

Ewe Ewe Yarns Pattern #120
Designed by Robyn Devine
Sizes: Preemie (Baby, Medium, Large)
Measurements: 12(14, 18, 22) inches around
Yarn: Ewe Ewe Yarns, Wooly Worsted Washable, 95 yards,
   Preemie: 1 skein
   Baby: 1 skein
   Medium: 2 skeins
   Large: 2 skeins (Sapphire shown)
Crochet Hook: Size K/10.5 6.5 mm
Supplies: Darning needle
Gauge: 14 dc over 4".

Download the Shanti Hat here!

Charity Hat-Along: Let's make hats!

I introduced our Charity Hat-Along last week and I'm happy to say we are collecting hats! Robyn and I have a goal of collecting 2,000 hats for Completely Kids, an Omaha non-profit that serves kids between preschool and middle school who live at or below the poverty line. This means these children and their families can't afford to buy them warm clothes for the winter. That's where we come in, let's knit up a storm and warm up these kids!

Charity Hat-Along

What do I do? Where do I start?

Well, thanks for asking! We're happy to have you on board. Robyn and I have designed two free patterns for the Hat-Along, one knitting and one crochet. Both are fun to work and great for knitters and crocheters of all skill levels.

Download the Shanti Hat PDF here or on Ravelry.

Download the Cottage Cap PDF here or on Ravelry.

What yarn should I use?

I'd love it if you try my Wooly Worsted yarn for your hats! Wooly Worsted is the perfect yarn for charity donations because it's soft and comfortable, warm and washable. Plus, it comes in a big rainbow of colors that any kid would love. 

We've partnered with NobleKnits Yarn Shop for the Charity Hat-Along and they're offering a great discount on Wooly Worsted yarn just for you! Fill up your cart with Wooly Worsted, enter the code CHARITYHAL (not case-sensitive) at check out and receive 25% off the yarn! Thanks, NobleKnits! 

Awesome! I made hats, now what?

Print out a CharityHAL tag and pin it to each hat. You'll be entered one time in the giveaway for each hat you tag! I made a nice little sheet so that you can print out a bunch of tags at once. Be sure to include your full name and your email address on each tag.

Once you've made your hats and tagged them it's time to send them to us. Wrap them up and send them along to: 

Robyn Devine
Charity Hat-Along
PO Box 6093
Omaha, NE 68106

You mentioned a giveaway?

I did! Robyn and I are giving away five prize bundles to five lucky winners! With each hat you tag you have the chance to win:

Good things to keep in mind

We're making hats for kids so while it's fun to make baby hats and the patterns are sized for them, please stick to making most of your donations in the larger sizes. Also, while I would love for you to use Wooly Worsted yarn I understand that we're all knitters and we have a stashes larger than we care to admit. Please, feel free to use any yarn as long as it's easy-care. You also don't need to use our patterns. Make hats you like to make and enjoy the idea of giving.

Follow along!

I'll be posting regular updates about the Charity Hat-Along here on my blog. 

Check out my Instagram and twitter: @eweeweyarns

Follow Robyn's blog (which is excellent). Plus Instagram and twitter: @shemakeshats 

Be sure to tag your projects #CharityHAL. We love to see what you've made!

Charity Hat-Along with Robyn Devine & Heather Walpole

Do you get inspired by people you read about? I do and I did in the case of Robyn Devine. A couple of years ago I read about her and her life goal to make 10,000 hats. Ten thousand of anything is a lot. Can you imagine knitting that many things let alone having them be all hats?! Nope!

But either way, I was inspired by her hats and her growing community of hat knitters. Robyn has built charities around hat donations for people in need. That's pretty rad. So not only is Robyn knitting tons of hats herself, she has enlisted an army of knitters to make even more hats. They donate hundreds of hats each year and I think it's pretty amazing!

Robyn has just written a book about her adventures as a hat knitter. She Makes Hats walks Robyn's journey as a hat knitter and weaves from one incredible story to the next. Her hats have touched so many lives that my inspiration grew with each chapter.

After reading her blog, for some time, I eventually met Robyn through social media and we hit it off. She likes Ewe Ewe and I told her how impressed I am by her lifelong charitable goal. We got to chatting and we decided to make a new charitable hat goal together! I am so excited to announce our first Hat-Along!

Let's make some hats! Lots and lots of hats. For the Charity Hat-Along with Robyn Devine & Heather Walpole we will be knitting, collecting and donating hats to the Nebraska Hats for Hope Initiative. Our goal is to collect 2000 hats! Can we do it? I hope you'll help!

There's more details on our press release, too. Take a look.

Robyn and I designed two new hat patterns just for the Charity Hat-Along. If you want to crochet then we have the Shanti Hat and if you're a knitter then try the Cottage Cap!

Shanti Hat free crochet pattern by Robyn Devine

Shanti Hat free crochet pattern by Robyn Devine

Cottage Cap free knitting pattern by Heather Walpole

Cottage Cap free knitting pattern by Heather Walpole

Cute! I like them both so much. The crochet Shanti Hat works up quickly and from the top down. The Cottage Cap on the other hand features a mistake rib which is easy for beginning knitters to master. Both hats feature Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted yarn because it's the ultimate easy-care yarn. Wooly Worsted is soft, washable and comes in tons of bright colors so there's something for everyone. And, to support our Charity Hat-Along is offering 25% off Wooly Worsted yarn! Use code: CharityHAL at checkout.

I hope you'll join Robyn and me in making masses of hats for charity. Our Hat-Along starts today, May 1 and runs through the end of June. Now, hop on over to and check out Robyn's new book