Some fun knitting just for me

I don't knit for myself very often -- in fact I can't remember the last thing I knit just to knit. Most of my projects are new designs for Ewe Ewe which is fun but I think I need a crazy creative project every now and then to remind myself why I love to knit. 

After sneaking a cuddle with Amy Small's Penguono at TNNA I decided I need one of my own. Have you seen the Penguono by Stephen West? It's a huge oversized open cardigan that uses different yarns and mixes stash to make a crazy sweater that you can wear either way up. Yes!

Today I obsessively dug through my stash and landed on this mad mix of Baa Baa Bulky and many years of other yarns. I also talked Meaghan into making one with me!

Spontaneous #penguonokal FTW. Do you want to join us on our #penguonobandwagon? Come on!