KnitCrate {yarn subscription service interview}


The Stats, please:

Shop name: KnitCrate


What is KnitCrate?  A subscription box service for fiber artists around the world!

Your name: Andrea and Joe, we're co-founders!



Hooray for co-founders! When did you start KnitCrate?

We announced our concept early November 2012 and opened a wait-list thinking a few dozen people would be interested – within 24 hours we had several hundred people who said they wanted to subscribe! We worked around the clock so we could start taking subscriptions in late November 2012.  Our first KnitCrates shipped early January 2013 and we’ve been curating packages ever since!

What does KnitCrate specialize in?

KnitCrate is the first and only subscription box service for knitters and crocheters.  Each of our KnitCrates is a curated package with at least one pattern, enough premium yarn to complete the pattern, a sweet/soothing extra and a fun extra. 



We had so much fun working with you for the August KnitCrates! Your curated packages are awesome. I really love the idea of a surprise bunch of knitting or crochet goodies showing up at my door once a month!

What makes the KnitCrate subscription box service unique?

Bringing nothing but the newest and best knitting and crochet related items to the market in a fun and special way!

We often bring KnitCrate-exclusive colorways from indie dyers as well as new awesome patterns. Aside from our KnitCrate packages, we offer a knitting needle rent-to-own program that lets people try before they commit to a needle set and also helps spread out the payments. 

We love to bring new exclusive products to the market. For example, we recently commissioned a new heart shaped hot/cold water bottle pattern and coupled it with Be Sweet’s Whipped Cream yarn. We presented this new product to Stitch Red and they approved it for their awesome charitable program!


KC doorstep.png

I want a shiny red mailer at my door, I wonder what's inside! What kind of projects do your subscribers like to make?

Our subscribers are very open minded and have asked for projects ranging from home goods, children’s wear, scarfs, cowls, toys, and even for their pets!  We’ve received fantastic feedback on the dozens of projects we’ve shipped to thousands of fiber artists around the world. Check out our testimonials page at to learn more and see our past packages there as well.

Ewe Ewe's Wooly Worsted yarn was in 4 of the August KnitCrates and you sent different color combinations to each subscriber. What's your favorite color of Wooly Worsted?

That’s the hardest question we’ve had all week! They’re all SO LOVELY. We’d have to say the brightest colors (pinks and greens) are our favorites. Funny thing is those are the same colors our subscribers are raving about!

KnitCrate has subscriptions for knitting and crochet, that's awesome. What's your favorite Ewe Ewe pattern? 

The Layer Cake Cowl in the new tri-color pattern we featured in our August 2013 Intermediate/Advanced knitting KnitCrate.



I can't wait to see what's next from KnitCrate! What upcoming events and new products do you have planned? 

We’re currently working on a new KnitCrate Limited Edition package that promises to be packed with nothing but goodness! Also, we’re working on a new jewelry piece for fiber artists that actually doubles as a functional tool to help knit or crochet. We have other exciting projects in the pipeline as well! Of course, each month we ship unique KnitCrates so they could each be considered new products in and of themselves!

KnitCrate is a great service. Thank you so much for adding Ewe Ewe to your growing lineup and for sitting down for this little chat. We had fun! 

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