Supply List: Tenergy LED Lamp for Knitting and Reading

Tenergy LED Crafting Lamp

Tenergy LED Crafting Lamp

Hello! Heather here with a little notions aside. I know we all have our gadgets we love and I wanted to drop in and tell you about my latest discovery – better lighting! Working on a knitting project without enough light can be a real problem. If I can't see well enough I might miss a stitch or worse yet drop a stitch.

Enter my new best friend the Tenergy LED Lamp. Look at these well-lit stitches!

Bright stitches! Better lighting makes for better knitting.

Bright stitches! Better lighting makes for better knitting.

Ahh, simply magical! 

Now, I need to be upfront here and let you know that Tenergy contacted me and asked if I'd like to try this new LED lamp because they thought it would be great for me and my fellow knitters. I don't normally do product reviews unless it's something I have tested and l would really think people would benefit from knowing more about and therefore I normally turn down offers like the one I received from Tenergy. BUT! After reading the email I realized that I already have this lamp's little sister on my desk! I use it every day and I love it.

Tenergy LED Crafting Lamp

Tenergy LED Crafting Lamp

The Tenergy lamps are awesome because they have all LED panels that give the light. That means it's not a big awkward fluorescent light and it's also not hot like a traditional incandescent bulb. The light panel can give a ton of coverage without the downsides.

LEDs come in a wide range of brightness and color ranges and the nice thing about these Tenergy lights is that they have a control panel that allows you adjust the brightness. That means you can use it on a really bright setting if you're working on a project during the daytime and need a bit more light or if you're working on a dark colored yarn like something with a lot of black or brown in it. You can also adjust to something a bit lower light if you're knitting in the evening or watching a movie with your honey and still want to knit but not light up the whole room. Pretty great.

The Tenergy lamps can also adjust to give you a color temperature based on what your needs are. Now, I know you're like... What's color temperature?! Yeah, that's when light ranges from something bluey-white (cool) to something a bit more orange/yellow (warm).  Look here:

Pretty neat, isn't it? I use the cooler light when I really need to see my stitches and concentrate and I use a warmer setting when I just want to relax and knit. Generally speaking cooler light provides a brighter white for more clarity and a warmer light is there when you're ready to de-stress and put your feet up. All of these settings can be fine-tuned to your liking right on the touch panel.

But wait -- there's more! The Tenergy Floor Lamp that I'm using in the photos is actually a 2-in-1 design. It can be converted from a floor lamp to a desk lamp in just a couple of minutes! 

Tenergy LED 2-in-1 Floor Lamp/Desk Lamp

Tenergy LED 2-in-1 Floor Lamp/Desk Lamp

Yes! I love that! Use the full-size lamp in the living room while you're knitting and then shorten it up to use on your craft table for quilting the next day. Genius! I'll be honest here and say that I used mine on the dining table to work a jigsaw puzzle a few weeks ago. The chandelier wasn't giving me enough detail so I adjusted this one and we taught that puzzle who was boss.

I really do like this new Tenergy LED Lamp and am happy that I can share it with you because I think you'd like it, too. It makes me wonder if I would have bought that original desk lamp I have if this brilliant design had been available then? I might have just bought this version since it is double duty but definitely love that I have two now. 

If you need a new crafting light I am happy to recommend the Tenergy LED Floor Lamp Desk Lamp. Find it on Amazon.

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Southwest Stockings KAL: Supplies

Southwest Stockings KAL

Southwest Stockings KAL

Here's a roundup of what you'll need to knit the Southwest Stockings. First decide on a project. Your choice is the Christmas Stocking or the Cozy Socks:

Christmas Stocking for the Southwest Stockings KAL

Christmas Stocking for the Southwest Stockings KAL

Cozy Socks for the Southwest Stockings KAL

Cozy Socks for the Southwest Stockings KAL

The pattern is exactly the same for both projects. The only difference is the needle size and yarn weight (and if you knit the Cozy Socks you need to knit two!). 

Christmas Stocking Supplies

Sizes: Santa size!
Measurements: 8" wide x 24" long
Pattern: Southwest Stockings by Heather Walpole for The Knit Show (Free!)

Yarn: Ewe Ewe Yarns Baa Baa Bulky, 132 yards, 100% merino superwash
   Color A: 1 skein (60 Teal)
   Color B: 1 skein (20 Red Poppy)
   Color C: 1 skein (97 Brushed Silver)
   Color D: 1 skein (90 Vanilla)

Needles: US 10.5 (6.5 mm) double-pointed knitting needles
Gauge: 14 sts to 4" in stockinette stitch.
Supplies: Clip ring stitch marker, darning needle, large pom pom maker (optional)

Christmas Stocking supplies

Christmas Stocking supplies

You can choose any colors of Baa Baa Bulky to fit your home or take a look at the color combo kits we put together. These kits contain enough yarn to complete the project. 

Cozy Socks Supplies

Sizes: Casual size
Measurements: 10" foot circumference
Pattern: Southwest Stockings by Heather Walpole for The Knit Show (Free!)

arn: Ewe Ewe Yarns Wooly Worsted, 95 yards, 100% merino superwash
   Color A: 2 skeins (30 Saffron)
   Color B: 1 skein (10 Berry)
   Color C: 1 skein (50 Pistachio)
   Color D: 1 skein (95 Chocolate)

Needles: US 6 (4 mm) double-pointed knitting needles
Gauge: 22 sts to 4" in stockinette stitch.
Supplies: Clip ring stitch marker, darning needle.

Cozy Socks supplies

Cozy Socks supplies

You can choose any colors of Wooly Worsted to fit your style or take a look at the color combo kits we put together. These kits contain enough yarn to complete the project. 

Where to buy your supplies

We've heard from a lot of our local yarn stores that they're ready to knit along! These shops have let us know they have yarns in stock to make one or both of the Southwest Stockings projects. Stop in or shop their websites for your yarn:

...have you any wool?, Berkley, MI
Cream City Yarn, Brookfield, WI
Gather Here, Cambridge, MA
The Hillsborough Yarn Shop, Hillsborough, NC, Exton, PA (warehouse pickup available)
Park Avenue Yarns, League City, TX
The Tinsmith's Wife, Comfort, TX
Wasatch and Wool, Park City, UT
Yarn It & Haberdashery, Grandview Heights, OH
Yarnover Truck, Los Angeles, CA

If you want to browse through our color kit ideas you can take a look at the Christmas Stocking kits and the Cozy Sock kits here on our website then buy at your favorite shop.

New at Ewe Ewe: Knitter's Notions Tins

Meet the Ewe Ewe Knitter's Tool Tin! This little Altoids-size tin packs a wallop of helpful knitting tools with a sweet message to "knit what you love".

This little knitting notions kit is perfect to take on the go. Let's take a peek inside!

Look at all of that stuff! These are the essential knitting notions dialed down to their best and tucked into a portable tin that’s so handy.

Any knitter would find this tin useful. If you’re a new knitter or been knitting your whole life, you will use all of these supplies at some point in your knitting journey.

This little tin brings everything you need right to your fingertips because it's so easy to toss into any knitting project bag!

Let's take a look at what's inside the Knitter’s Tool Tin

What’s inside a Knitter’s Tool Tin from Ewe Ewe Yarns?

What’s inside a Knitter’s Tool Tin from Ewe Ewe Yarns?

We'll start at the top right and work our way down and counterclockwise. 

  1. Fix it tool: First we have a double-ended crochet hook that is perfect for fixing a dropped stitch. The two ends mean that it works for several weights of yarn.

  2. Tiny scissors: Next are miniature scissors to snip your yarn that pack a mighty punch! Whether it's a skinny thread to snip or a bulky wool, these sharp little scissors will do the job.

  3. Tape measure: Meet your new cute sheep measuring tape. This little guy comes in a variety of colors and has a retractable tape measure for checking your distance when you're on the go.

  4. Row counter: To keep you on pattern, use this row counter. Also, you won't leave it at home because it doubles as a sparkly stitch marker so you can keep it right on your project!

  5. Cable needle: There comes a time when every knitter needs a cable needle and this one will always be there.

  6. Stitch holder: And so will this ever-ready stitch holder.

  7. Darning needles: The kit includes three needles for darning and sewing. Two are sharp are perfect for adding buttons to a finished project. The third has a big eye for weaving in those finished yarn ends.

  8. Needle gauge: Do you ever wonder what knitting needle that is sitting at the bottom of your tote bag? Wonder no more! The cute yarn ball is a wooden needle size gauge! It has US and metric sizes measuring needles US 1-11.

  9. Locking stitch markers: This kit is packed with six locking stitch markers that can either sit on your needle or clip right to your work depending on what you need that day.

  10. Origami stitch markers: And if all that wasn't enough, these tool tins have five handmade origami star stitch markers. Aren't they so cute! I love origami! 

So much goodness packed in a such a tiny package! If you decide to buy a Ewe Ewe Knitter's Tool Tin, I hope you love it as much as I do.

Knitter's Tool Tin Notions Kit
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Supply List: Chic-a Combo Needle Case

My knitting needles are a total mess. 


Seriously?? Totally. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I knit for a living and this is how I keep my tools. But, it's true. Bundles of double-points and binder clips of circulars. Until!



Until now! I am head over heels in love with my new Chic-a Combo Needle Case! Look at all my circular knitting needles organized so nicely. And they're all in there! But, wait. There's more! 


My double-pointed knitting needles are in there, too! There's more room than I have needles for which is kinda blowing my mind. 


BI am so happy with my new needle case. I love Chic-a bags because they're made for knitters, they're super cute and they really last. Go check out their stuff