New at Ewe Ewe: Knitter's Notions Tins

Meet the Ewe Ewe Knitter's Tool Tin! This little Altoids-size tin packs a wallop of helpful knitting tools with a sweet message to "knit what you love". Let's take a peek inside and see what's in store!

WHAT! Look at all of that stuff! These are straight up essential knitting notions dialed down to their best. A new, avid, and even expert knitter will use all of these supplies at some point and this little tin brings it right to your fingertips because it's so easy to toss into any knitting project bag!

Let's take a look at what's inside. We'll start at the top right and work our way down and counterclockwise. 

First we have a double-ended crochet hook that is perfect for fixing a dropped stitch. The two ends mean that it works for several weights of yarn.

Next are miniature scissors to snip your yarn that pack a mighty punch! Whether it's a skinny thread to snip or a bulky wool, these sharp little scissors will do the job.

Meet your new cute sheep measuring tape. This little guy comes in a variety of colors and has a retractable tape measure for checking your distance when you're on the go.

To keep you on pattern, use this row counter. Also, you won't leave it at home because it doubles as a sparkly stitch marker so you can keep it right on your project!

There comes a time when every knitter needs a cable needle and this one will always be there.

And so will this ever-ready stitch holder.

The kit includes three needles for darning and sewing. Two are sharp are perfect for adding buttons to a finished project. The third has a big eye for weaving in those finished yarn ends.

Do you ever wonder what knitting needle that is sitting at the bottom of your tote bag? Wonder no more! The cute yarn ball is a wooden needle size gauge! It has US and metric sizes measuring needles US 1-11.

This kit is packed with six locking stitch markers that can either sit on your needle or clip right to your work depending on what you need that day.

And if all that wasn't enough, these tool tins have five handmade origami star stitch markers. Aren't they so cute! I love origami! 

There you have it! So much goodness packed in a little package. Get a Ewe Ewe Knitter's Tool Tin today!