Wearever Wrap Crochet Shawl Pattern

The Wearever Wrap is one of the most popular patterns here at Ewe Ewe and totally the most popular crochet pattern. It's a fun-to-work half granny square design and uses 6 colors of Wooly Worsted yarn

The color combinations that people have done are out of this world. This Berry dream by ivillarreal1997 on Ravelry is a show-stopper!

And I am into these blues and blacks by RevengeMe. I think I could rock this combo with a pair of jeans and a simple white t-shirt.

And check out this colorful masterpiece! Stripespolkadots knocked it out of the park with this bright and punchy rendition. So fun!

Find the Wearever Wrap pattern here and choose your favorite color combination of Wooly Worsted yarn here. Then send me photos!

Whenever, Wearever!

Do you knit or do you crochet? Or both! Meet our fun combo shawls, the Whenever Wrap and her crochet sister the Wearever Wrap! Both patterns use six of your favorite colors of Wooly Worsted merino yarn. Take a look!

Whenever Wrap shawl knitting pattern

Whenever Wrap shawl knitting pattern

Wearever Wrap crochet shawl pattern

Wearever Wrap crochet shawl pattern

Whichever craft you prefer these basic top-down triangle shawls are fun and fast to work. Choose a color palette that suits your fall wardrobe. Teal is big this season! Each shawl uses seven skeins of Wooly Worsted yarn to complete the project. Which one will you make?

Wearever Wrap Class

Our Ewe Ewe yarn shop, Unwind hosted a class just for the Wearever Wrap crochet shawl. The class is part of a larger program called Knitting University. Unwind feels that learning basic crochet is an integral part of being an expert knitter. I agree! Check out the cool color combinations of the Wearever Wrap these ladies put together!

wearever wrap Therese_1.jpg

Ohh! Here we have Wooly Worsted in Lavender being used as the main color. I like the Sapphire as the dark tone followed up with Soft Sage, Brushed Silver, Berry and Vanilla. A tasty shawl for sure! 

wearever wrap Rhonda _1.jpg

It looks like this main yarn color will be Charcoal since there's two skeins in the pile. Add in some Indigo, Brushed Silver, Teal, Sapphire and a pop of pink with that Berry Wooly Worsted!  

wearever wrap malou _1.jpg

Check out this Wooly Worsted combo! Natural tones like Wheat, Saffron, Vanilla and Chocolate will look great with a pop of Orange Peel and Red Poppy!

wearever wrap Lauren _1.jpg

It's so fun to see the ladies getting started on their Wearever Wraps. Crochet is fun and the Wearever Wrap is a nice change for a knitter that might want a quick crochet project. Plus, the color combinations with Wooly Worsted yarn are endless!  

Click here to read more about the Wearever Wrap. 

Check out Unwind in Burbank, CA.