Wooly Wednesday: What's in my knitting bag?

What's in my knitting bag this week? Um... Crochet! Oopsie. Actually, the Wearever Wrap is a fun and easy half-granny square shawl that is really fun to crochet. If there's such a thing as crochet-for-knitters this wrap may be it. The Wearever Wrap is all double crochet so it works up quickly and the stripes of Wooly Worsted yarn colors keep it moving along. It's definitely one of my favorites! 

Click here to see the Wearever Wrap.

Wooly Wednesday: What's in my knitting bag?

What's in my #knitting bag? A Penpal Hat in Charcoal Wooly Worsted merino and my notions. #wip

I love Wednesdays because that means it's Wooly Wednesday! That's our Ewe Ewe version of WIP Wednesday where I talk about what I'm knitting or my Work In Progress. This week I'm making a Penpal Hat. It's one of the first patterns I designed for Ewe Ewe and it is fun to knit. The Penpal Hat has a chunky lace pattern. It's hard to see the lace pattern in this photo but click over here to check it out. I'll be sure to show my finished version on the blog.

Also, are you on Flickr? Yes? Come join the What's in my knitting bag group and post what you're working on every Wednesday!

WIP Wednesday

I'm starting a design for a pair of socks, Fair Isle socks! Tonight I spent a lot of time working through the color chart so I didn't make a ton of progress on the actual knitting. I started one design and realized the colors were blocking together instead of flowing across as a pretty pattern. So after some ripping and some chart redesign I think I'm on my way. We'll see how they look this time next week! Happy knitting!

I'll start again tomorrow

I usually try to focus my Wednesday blog posts toward what I'm knitting, a work in progress update. But today I had to frog my entire shawl project! So instead of the usual, here's a photo of my town. I'm lucky enough to live near the big blue ocean. My parents are here for a few days and I've had the pleasure of spending a little extra time at the seaside. I love the swaying palms and breaking waves.

WIP Wednesday: A yarn company

Wow, so the yarn arrived! It's amazing and totally beautiful. Seeing all this Wooly Worsted Washable is so exciting. I've been working on it for so long -- between picking the fiber, gauge, skein size and color palette -- it's been an exciting ride! Now we're shipping our first orders to yarn stores across the country so be sure to check a yarn store near you! If they don't have Wooly Worsted yarn, be sure to ask! Thanks for joining me in my living room. :)