NEW YARN: Fluffy Fingering merino yarn by Ewe Ewe

Oh my. I am beyond excited to show you my newest yarn.

Fluffy Fingering merino yarn

Fluffy Fingering merino yarn

Meet the newest member of the flock, Fluffy Fingering! She's a real stunner, isn't she? This great new yarn is 100% merino wool and features that special Ewe Ewe twist you've come to love. You might also notice that new color yarn in the photo, that's Red Velvet, a new color coming to Ewe Ewe!

Fluffy Fingering color palette for Fall 2018

Fluffy Fingering color palette for Fall 2018

Fluffy Fingering is launching for Fall of 2018 in 12 solid Ewe Ewe colors. If you've knit with Ewe Ewe yarns before you will recognize some of the colors above but you might also notice some new, never before seen colors, too! Red Velvet is new, Citrus Pop is (wow!) new, Forest Fern and Iris Blossom are new.

Fluffy Fingering in color way 83 Iris Blossom. Pattern: Fluffy Lace Skinny Scarf (free on the label!)

Fluffy Fingering in color way 83 Iris Blossom. Pattern: Fluffy Lace Skinny Scarf (free on the label!)

Yum, I really love this new Iris Blossom! I couldn't resist and started knitting the free pattern that's on every ball label of Fluffy. It's called the Fluffy Lace Skinny Scarf and it works up so fast and easy. One ball will make a nice scarf to tuck in your jacket or highlight an outfit. Two balls will make a lovely long scarf!

How to find Fluffy Fingering

Fluffy Fingering debuts right now! It's fall and the perfect time to start knitting. We have oodles of this new yarn and we're starting to ship it to yarn stores this week. See our list of yarn shops or ask your LYS when they're getting Fluffy Fingering in stock.

If you don't have a yarn store near you you can pre-order Fluffy Fingering yarn here. We expect to start shipping on Wednesday, September 10, 2018. Be the first to get your hands on it!

Fluffy Fingering Merino Yarn
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{How much yarn do I need?} Fern & Feather Sweater by Jennifer Steingass

Changing yarns, or substituting the yarn is easy when you know what you need. In this series I talk about a knitting or crochet pattern and how much Ewe Ewe yarn you'd need to complete it.

Fern & Feather  sweater by Jennifer Steingass

Fern & Feather sweater by Jennifer Steingass

Wow! Meet Fern & Feather. This beautiful sweater designed by Jennifer Steingass for Knit.Love.Wool. is simple yet breathtaking. Fern & Feather is a seamless sweater with a yoke highlighted inspired by nature. Here's how much Wooly Worsted yarn you'd need to make this sweater: 

Sizes: Bust: 30.75 (33, 35.5, 39, 41) (43.5, 46.25, 49, 51.5) (54.25, 57.25, 59.5) inches
Wooly Worsted Yarn Amounts: 
   MC: 8 (9, 10, 11, 12) (13, 14, 14, 15) (16, 17, 17) skeins
   CC: 1 (1, 2, 2, 2) (2, 2, 2, 2) (2, 2, 2) skeins 

Shop: Wooly Worsted yarn colors >

Get the pattern here. See Wooly Worsted yarn here. Visit a Ewe Ewe yarn shop.

There are so many great color combinations you could put together to make this sweater your own. Here are a few examples that I found on Ravelry that would look great in a Wooly Worsted combination or two.

Fern & Feather knit by clairedupont

Fern & Feather knit by clairedupont

A Wooly Worsted yarn color combo of Saffron and Vanilla would be great. Or maybe Charcoal and Brushed Silver?

You could make this sweater in Sky Blue with a hint of Red Poppy Wooly Worsted on top. Or try Brushed Silver with Lavender detail. 

See Wooly Worsted yarn here. Get the pattern here. Visit a Ewe Ewe yarn shop.

Remember that yarn amounts are never exact. Each knitter has their own tension when holding the yarn and that can change the final yardage amounts. We come close with our skein numbers but it's always smart to grab an extra ball or two just in case!

Color Work: Help us add to the rainbow!


I design the Ewe Ewe color palette to work as one unit. Each color has its place and purpose and as we grow I will continue to add colors that fit with this cheery bunch!

Fall is coming and that's when we add new yarns. What colors would you like to see? Any ideas? Tell us!

Let us know what colors you'd like to see at Ewe Ewe Yarns!

A Color Palette with Intention

The IKEA catalog came today and I have to say I’m always more than a little excited when it’s catalog day. I was lucky enough to start my career as a graphic designer with IKEA North America doing graphics for all the stores in the US and Canada. I left to pursue a career in yarn but my passion for IKEA has never diminished. (Read more about me.) Needless to say when I saw the 2018 cover today I went twirling around my house!

Look how perfectly I can match my Ewe Ewe Yarns palette to this color scheme! Ewe Ewe isn’t just a wild idea; it’s a thoughtfully planned out product line where each color has its place and can work in a multitude of ways with many other colors in the line. Thanks, IKEA for this little treat today!

See Wooly Worsted yarn >

TNNA: Wholesale Yarn Trade Show

It was that time again! Twice a year I head to market to promote Ewe Ewe Yarns to yarn stores around the world. The National Needlearts Association hosts a semi-annual trade show where yarn companies, pattern designers, and notions creators can exhibit their products and yarn stores come to shop and buy in bulk for their upcoming season.

Heather Walpole of Ewe Ewe Yarns

Hello! That's me, Heather, and Ewe Ewe is my yarn company. For the weekend of the TNNA show I get to introduce our merino wool yarn to wholesale customers. We only sell in bulk at this trade show. 

Ewe Ewe has three weights of merino yarn; a sport called Ewe So Sporty, a worsted called Wooly Worsted, and new this year is our thickest called Baa Baa Bulky. All three yarns come in the same palette of bright, modern colors. All the colors work together to create a bold, bright, happy statement in a yarn shop. 

There's also a FULL pattern line to go along with the yarns. I work with designers but I also design a lot of these patterns myself. Look at all this cute stuff!

Ewe Ewe Yarns trade show booth

Ewe Ewe Yarns trade show booth

If you're looking for our yarns take a look at our Where to Buy page >

Looking to learn more about Ewe Ewe Yarns for your store? See the wholesale info page or email us today!

Ewe Ewe Event: Yarnover Truck @ Bagby Beer in Oceanside

I'll be hanging out at an event with the Yarnover Truck on January 28! The truck will be at Bagby Beer Company in Oceanside, CA from 1-5 pm. Woohoo!

The Yarnover Truck is the first yarn store on wheels and this little mobile treasure travels all over Southern California. I'm so excited to have them come to my favorite local brewery and spend the day with them. We'll have lots of samples, a few sips of beer, and tons of laughs. 

The details:


Where: Bagby Beer Company
  601 S Coast Highway
  Oceanside, CA 92054
When: Saturday, January 28, 2017; 1 to 5 pm.
Who: Yarnover Truck and Heather Walpole
What: A trunk show, meet-and-greet, knitting fun!

Questions? Email me.