WIP Wednesday

I love Wednesdays because they are knitting days. My good friend Marsha hosts a big knitting group called the Knit Wits in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Knit Wits is a thriving knitting circle with over 50 members and there's always a laugh to be had. We knit, drink a little wine and a do a lot of chatting. Knit Wits keeps me excited about knitting! This week I'm working on a few swatches for a new design, I may even try submitting this one to a magazine. Wouldn't it be fun to see Ewe Ewe Yarns on some glossy pages? I think it would be!

WIP Wednesday: Necessity is the mother of invention

I belong to a great knitting group here in southern California called the Knit Wits. Knit Wits is run by the fabulous Marsha Wenskay, our Head Knit Wit whose always coming up with new projects and tricks. Tonight was no exception! Marsha knit a baby sweater and matching hat for us and it needed a little pompon as a finishing touch. There was no cardboard in sight to make the little minis so Marsha picked up a fork and voila! Hello, cutie!

Work in Progress Wednesday

Welcome to WIP Wednesday #1 where every week we'll show you what's on our needles. This week it's a new scarf pattern with this pretty diagonal lace stitch. The other half of the scarf will be a completely different stitch so tune in next WIP Wednesday to see what it is! What's on your needles today? Add yours in the comments below or tweet with the hashtag #wipwednesday and we'll share them here on the blog. Happy knitting! xo, H.