Hello! We make great yarn.

Take a look, we're a little bit different. We make three yarns and we make them well, and we support that yarn with more than 100 great selling patterns that are quick, easy and fun to knit. Our yarn shops love us. We ship quickly, maintain stock levels and have tons of ideas about how to help you succeed with Ewe Ewe. Join us, become a Ewe Ewe yarn shop!

"I love your yarn, it's so bouncy!" – Lily Chin

Fluffy Fingering merino yarn

Fluffy Fingering is coming soon!

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NEW for LYS Day:

Ewe So Summer Shawl

Meet our new Ewe So Summer shawl knit with Ewe So Sporty merino yarn. This generous shawl uses 1 neutral and 5 accent colors to blend together through the wrap. This pattern will be available ONLY through an LYS for 2018!

Kit this up for your LYS

The new Ewe So Summer shawl launched just for LYS Day and can only be purchased at a local yarn shop. Get paper patterns or use the Ravelry In-Store program to sell this design now.

About the Summer Bundle:
• 7 bags of Ewe So Sporty yarn to make 10 shawl kits
• 10 paper patterns for kits
Total: $385 + shipping

Promote LYS Day online + In-Store!

Promoting LYS Day is just as important as the event itself. If you’re using the Ewe So Summer shawl as part of your festivities then here’s some help!

  1. Download our bundle of photos and use them on your website, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  2. Send people to see the pattern details on Ravelry. (Purchases only available through Ravelry Pro in store!)
  3. Print this poster to put with kits in your shop! We included 6 more color combination ideas to help you sell more yarn. That's it >> over there >>


Need a bit more info? See our Wholesale Newsletter for even more details.

How to place an order

Do you love Ewe Ewe as much as we do? Then, let's get started! An opening order for a new shop is $500. Use our online order form today or send us an email: heather@eweewe.com. 

Like more details or a sample? Inquire here or call us! We can answer any questions or get an order started at 760-933-8393.

Look Book Printable Pattern Binders!


Ready for the Ravelry In-Store Program
All of the Ewe Ewe patterns are available digitally through the Ravelry In-Store sales program. This printable binder includes a photo and pattern specifications for each Ewe Ewe knitting and crochet pattern! 

Download and print!
Use our inspirational look book pattern binder to help sell Ewe Ewe yarn and patterns in your shop.

Ewe So Sporty pattern binder PDF to print >
Wooly Worsted pattern binder PDF to print >
Baa Baa Bulky pattern binder PDF to print >
Binder cover >
Binder spine >

Complete binders also available for purchase: $30. See order form >

Knitting patterns by Ewe Ewe

All of our patterns available as paper patterns or through the Ravelry In-Store program.


More great stuff by Ewe Ewe

 Notes to knit by – never lose your place in your knitting again!  Read more >

Notes to knit by – never lose your place in your knitting again! Read more >

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Quotepads: All you need is love ...and knitting

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Quotepads: from the desk of: Shut up I'm knitting