How The Twisted Skein added Ewe Ewe Yarns to their yarn store

This case study by Ron Warren of The Twisted Skien in Bakersfield, CA lays out how and why he chose to add Ewe Ewe Yarns to his yarn store. Ron goes in to detail about his decision to stock yarns and why he felt the product would be successful in his store from the day they arrived and for years to come.

I encourage you to read Ron’s story and see how choosing Ewe Ewe Yarns might just fill a gap in your shop!

When you’re a new shop owner it seems like every day brings a new set of challenges, and product decisions are high up on that list for me, but Ewe Ewe Yarns has filled so many gaps at my shop that I volunteered to write this blog post (completely unsolicited, btw!) and share my experiences with the line, and why I think they’re a perfect fit for a young shop. (You established shop owners know what your clients love already, I’m sure, but maybe there’s something here to get you excited about these yarns too!) 

The Twisted Skein yarn shop  in Bakersfield, California

The Twisted Skein yarn shop in Bakersfield, California


My name is Ron Warren, and I am one half of the brother/sister team that owns and operates The Twisted Skein in Bakersfield, CA. We opened in February of 2018, and our first glimpse of Ewe Ewe Yarns came just a few weeks before that at the 2018 TNNA Winter Marker (ProTip: if you’re a new shop owner, and can swing the trip, go to TNNA!). On that trip, we were a week from opening, we had a shopping list, and we didn’t quite make it in to visit Heather and learn about her yarns. Our loss. But here’s the thing: The yarn made an impression

Ewe Ewe merchandising at The Twisted Skein

Ewe Ewe merchandising at The Twisted Skein

When Heidi (that’s my sister) and I were looking through our 2019 Winter Market guide a week before our first anniversary and deciding what to prioritize, we knew we wanted to go check out that place that had those cool-looking balls of Merino basics that we had seen a year ago, before we knew what our clientele was going to like. I think this is the most telling part of our Ewe Ewe experience, and why I can wholeheartedly recommend the line to a new shop: If Ewe Ewe Yarns left that much of an impression on us, it can make that same impression on our customers.

We made an appointment to meet with Heather the first day of TNNA Winter Market, we chatted, learned more about the line, asked our questions, and left with an order for the entire selection. It was a great decision, and I want to share our experience with integrating the Ewe Ewe Yarns line into the product line-up at The Twisted Skein.

Here are some of the most important ways we’re using Ewe Ewe Yarns

Basics, Basics, Basics

When deciding what yarns are going to make the cut in our shops, there’s a lot of talk about basics or workhorses. Shelf space is at a premium, and a yarn that can be used for most any kind of project at any level of complexity is a godsend. When a new crocheter comes in looking for a forgiving yarn for a baby blanket, we take them to the Baa Baa Bulky. When a knitter just wants a simple, sturdy yarn to practice sock construction, we show them the Fluffy Fingering. It’s a great place for our sales to start, and our customers are completely taken with the selection!


Curated Color

The matching colors across the line make merchandising with Ewe Ewe Yarns a breeze. You will have to get pretty creative to make an unflattering display: the colors just work that well together. Beyond that, one of the most stressful parts of inventory purchasing for me is choosing colors, and some of the long-running brands have literally hundreds of colors to choose from. While that’s great in theory, there’s something to be said for a tightly curated color palette that takes away the stress of choosing which of three nearly identical blues to stock!

Class Materials

This is the area that Ewe Ewe Yarns have done the most for us. All four of the yarns are so versatile, so durable, and so colorful, that it’s no surprise that they have become a staple of our classes in the first four months we’ve stocked them. The tight twist means that a struggling beginner can rip our row after row without fraying or pilling. The construction is also beautiful whether knit or crocheted. Many beautiful hand-knitting yarns untwist and become very sloppy when crocheted: not Ewe Ewe. We’ve used Wooly Worsted for introductory classes for all crafts, and Ewe So Sporty is a hit for our double knitting series. Fluffy Fingering is in the perfect put-up for colorwork sock class: two 50g balls in two colors means no leftover yarn haunting our students’ stashes when class is done.

In conclusion

My only regret about Ewe Ewe Yarns is that we didn’t make it in to check them out in that first year, and I didn’t even touch on the pattern support, customer service, fast turn-around, and attractive pricing that have made our experience that much better. If getting your shop up and running has been anything like ours, I’m sure that if you look closely you’ll find a Ewe Ewe Yarns shaped hole in your selection! 

Visit Ewe Ewe Yarns in Booth 521

Visit Ewe Ewe Yarns in Booth 521

Thank you, Ron!

He’s right. I curated Ewe Ewe Yarns from the beginning by carefully choosing each color to coordinate with the others. As a former LYS owner, I knew that other lines were not thinking about how their yarns would look on the store shelf. You can unpack this line and merchandise it with confidence!

I hope you’ll come see us at TNNA and learn about our yarns, huge pattern support, knit-alongs, and creative marketing efforts.

The versatility of an affordable, trustworthy merino basic never goes out of style and that means Ewe Ewe Yarns can help you succeed in your shop.

In Cleveland, visit Ewe Ewe Yarns in Booth 521.

Introducing: Southwest Stockings KAL

Southwest Stockings Knit Along

Southwest Stockings Knit Along

Join the Southwest Stockings Knit Along in your yarn store! I'll be hosting this instructional knit-along on our main blog, posting regularly on Instagram, and in our Ravelry group. The knit along is based on my appearance on The Knit Show with Vickie Howell where I taught how to make the Southwest Stockings. 

The Southwest Stockings pattern can either make a Christmas stocking in Ewe Ewe Baa Baa Bulky merino OR cozy socks using Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted. It's a great project for a knitting group and I'd love to have your shop join me!

Option 1: Christmas stocking in Baa Baa Bulky

Option 1: Christmas stocking in Baa Baa Bulky

Option 2: Cozy socks in Wooly Worsted

Option 2: Cozy socks in Wooly Worsted

The Southwest Stockings are a design that is unique to Ewe Ewe Yarns. Using the same pattern you can make two very different items! The secret's in the yarn. Use Baa Baa Bulky to create a big bright Christmas stocking OR change to a smaller needle size and Wooly Worsted yarn to a squishy pair of socks for yourself. It's super fun!

Download the pattern:

Get the Southwest Stockings pattern FREE from The Knit Show with Vickie Howell >

We'll be learning great techniques like:

  • Casting on to double-pointed needles
  • Knitting with two colors of yarn (Fair Isle, color work)
  • How to knit the heel flap and turn the heel of a sock
  • Knitted decreases
  • Kitchener stitch grafting for the toe of a sock
  • Finishing, weaving in ends, and pom pom making

Here are our dates:

  • October 26-November 8: Get supplies! See wholesale info >
  • Thursday, November 9: CAST ON! Learn how to knit color work.
  • Tuesday, November 14: Sock heel flap and turning the heel
  • Thursday, November 16: Decreasing for the toe and Kitchener stitch
  • Tuesday, November 21: Finishing and pom pom making

Get the yarn!

Do you carry Ewe Ewe yarns in your shop? Awesome! Use our online order form if you need some refills before the KAL.

Would you like to add Ewe Ewe to your yarn shop? Awesome! Take a look at our wholesale info, email us with any questions, and get an order started on our website.

Teach Crochet Classes with Ewe Ewe Patterns

Crochet is always all the fall class calendar and here at Ewe Ewe there are lots of great options to get your class ideas flowing! Patterns range from simple single crochet mitts, to lattice work, granny squares and now a simple Tunisian crochet cowl.

Email us for a free wholesale-only download code for any Ewe Ewe crochet patterns on or Ravelry.

Crossroads Crochet Mitts using Ewe So Sporty merino yarn.

Crossroads Crochet Mitts using Ewe So Sporty merino yarn.

Beginner: Single Crochet

The Crossroads Crochet Mitts are simply single crochet mitre squares that are seamed on one edge. Great for a first-timer!

Mile of Smile granny square crochet scarf using Wooly Worsted yarn.

Mile of Smile granny square crochet scarf using Wooly Worsted yarn.

Funky: Granny Square

The Mile of Smile starts with a half-granny square making it a good introduction to crochet pattern reading and double crochet.

Wooly Windows crochet hat pattern

Wooly Windows crochet hat pattern

Ribbing + Treble Stitches

Wooly Windows works in the round, introduces crochet ribbing along with color changing, treble crochet, and decreasing for shaping.

Bohemian Grove crochet fringe cowl

Bohemian Grove crochet fringe cowl

Open: Lattice Crochet

The Bohemian Grove cowl is worked in the round and the openwork chains interlock to form the body of the cowl.

Squared Away interlocking crochet baby blanket using Ewe So Sporty merino yarn.

Squared Away interlocking crochet baby blanket using Ewe So Sporty merino yarn.

Advanced: Interlocking Crochet

The Squared Away baby blanket uses the interlocking crochet technique to give this a double-thick feel with two right sides.

Simple Seed Tunisian crochet cowl

Simple Seed Tunisian crochet cowl

Teach: Tunisian Crochet

The Simple Seed cowl uses two Tunisian crochet stitches to create different textures as its worked back and forth.

Get the yarn, too!

Ewe Ewe patterns are great and so are the yarns. Take a few minutes to read the wholesale information and then request a sample packet.

Teach the Doodle Stitch with Vickie Howell

Vickie Howell worked up a quick little class for our new Doodle Stitch Beanie. This hat pattern features an alternating yarn-in-back and yarn-in-front technique that's both easy and unique. Take a look:

The Doodle Stitch Beanie uses two balls of Ewe So Sporty yarn making it the perfect size for a class! If you would like to take a look at the pattern to consider teaching it for a class then email me here. To have the pattern available at the class you can either order paper patterns or it is also available through the Ravelry In-Store program.

Watch the video with Vickie Howell below and then use those same steps to teach a one-session class in your shop!