Yarn Love! 

Knitters love Ewe Ewe yarns and so will you! Read what other people think about our yarn. 

Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted yarn is the softest, nicest yarn I’ve ever worked with so I use it most of the time. It makes wonderful sweaters and hats. The BEST wool yarn!
— Ginny, Emmaus, PA
I love your yarn, it’s so bouncy!
— Lily Chin, Expert knitter and knitwear designer
The new colors are fantastic. They fit right in to the line and look awesome. You really knocked it out of the park!
— Frauntene, San Marcos, CA
It feels wonderful while working with it, and it is the most forgiving yarn I have used. I seem to undo a lot of my knitting and reknit as I make up patterns as I go. If it does not look right I pull is out and start again. Ewe Ewe looks fabulous no matter how many times I reknit. Love, love the color selection.
— Pauline, Woburn, MA

What do you love about Ewe Ewe yarns? Tell us! 

Love this Ewe Ewe yarn. Gotta love the pure colors that are available and the yummy, squishy feel is heaven to knit with!
— knitknotes23 on ravelry.com
I love knitting with Wooly Worsted yarn! It’s so easy, it doesn’t split and it has great stitch definition.
— Susan, Easton, PA